The conversion to FieldSurvey to iOS 7 is almost complete and will be submitted to the App Store soon (how long it takes them to review and approve it is anyone's guess).  This update concerns support for previous versions.  Apple recently announced that they will now provide earlier versions of an app for those who require it.  This change is welcome for FieldSurvey, as some of my world-wide user base is still locked into earlier versions of iOS.  For example, the iPhone 3GS is still popular in some countries, but it is stuck at iOS 5.   Now, with the change in App Store policy, these individuals will still be able to purchase and/or restore FieldSurvey.

For this reason, I am going to drop FieldSurvey support for iOS 5.  Since earlier versions of the app will remain available going forward, starting with version 1.4 FieldSurvey will require iOS 6, at minimum, but will also be optimized for iOS 7. The ability to code for only two versions of iOS (iOS 6 and iOS 7), instead of for three versions, will help me maintain the app and should reduce any bugs.

I've got some ideas about how to make it easier for me to support three versions, bringing iOS 5 back into the fold.  I'm going to play with that possibility and see if it's workable and realistic.  That's what I'd like to be able to do, as I'd like all versions of Field Survey to have the same functionality and capability, no matter what iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad generation you own.

AuthorDavid Rabenau