If from looking at this site you think not much is happening with FieldSurvey, well, you'd be right.  But that doesn't mean that it's been abandoned, by any means.  I started a new job at Asynchrony Solutions late last Fall and with some other life changes, well let's just say I'm now turning some of my free time back to FieldSurvey.

So, here's the latest...

I've nixed plans to move the data to iCloud.  That means that you won't be able to synch your surveys on both your iPhone and iPad, at least for the time being. I haven't given up all hope and am looking into some other alternatives that could provide the same functionality; namely, Dropbox (but then you'd have to have a Dropbox account).  In its current manifestation, iCloud just doesn't work well for database-based applications like FieldSurvey (it does seem to do pretty well for document-based applications).  A lot of other developers have gone before me on this and the outcome using iCloud wasn't pretty.

I do plan to bring FieldSurvey up to iOS7.  In fact, that's my highest priority right now.  At some point I'm going to have to drop support for iOS5, but that shouldn't be a problem for most of you.  Even then, you'd still be able to run the last iOS5 version of FieldSurvey.  You just wouldn't get any updates from then on.

There are still a lot of other enhancements in the hopper and my Kanban board is all set up to starting picked those off one by one -- once I get past the iOS7 hurdle, that is (which for the uninitiated is a huge change in the way apps are put together).

And, as always, I'm interested in your suggestions.  Particularly, I thinking of adding the ability to take individual photos, perhaps at both the item (or species) level and upon each count.  If any botanists out there would be interested in this, letting me know would help me prioritize.  There's an engineering firm in Great Britain that's asking for this, too.

Again, thanks for your interest in FieldSurvey and for your purchase.

AuthorDavid Rabenau