On Thanksgiving Day evening I got an email from a US Fish & Wildlife biologist in Alaska telling me that he found FieldSurvey to be better than the alternatives.  Then he raised a couple of concerns and suggested some enhancements, and we discussed them over the next several days.

It's always satisfying when I hear from someone using FieldSurvey.  It's not a big money maker for me, and so hearing about its use in the field is my reward.  It's inspiring.  So much so, I've outlined some possible future enhancements:

  • Next, there will be a bug fix release (some UI bugs that most people will never encounter), as well as some optimization for faster loading of large lists.

Then, and I'm not yet sure in what order they'll be released, I thinking of adding the following enhancements:

  • The ability to take and add a photo to an observation.
  • The ability to add a polygon (for quads) or lines (for transects) to a survey.
  • The ability to share surveys with other FieldSurvey users or devices.
  • The ability to add maps so that there will still be a map displayed when the FieldSurvey user finds him or herself in a location where the device can not receive a data signal and display Apple's maps.

If there are any other ideas or enhancements you'd like to see, please share them with me.  As I prepare to start design and prioritizing, now is the time to put in your $0.02 worth.

Finally, I can't help but share a new little boy in my life.  Another stray dog who has now become part of my family, Henry.

AuthorDavid Rabenau