Okay, now that version 1 of "FieldSurvey" is out in the App Store, what's next?

I think users of "FieldSurvey" can reasonably expect the items below to be included - constrained only by the time it takes me to get them done:

  • iOS6 & iPhone 5 support, of course.
  • Additional fields for Survey.
  • Provide additional export options, particularly for eBirds.
  • Add the ability to increment an observation count by more than 1 at a time (thanks, Anne!).
  • Pre-loaded lists, such as for birds.  But I also plan to have some surprises here.
  • iCloud support.  Data and preferences will synch over your devices.
  • Localization (including Portuguese sooner rather than later, because I very would like the Brazilians to use this app).
  • Print capability.

Now, as hinted above, I'm open to suggestions.  So, please, have at it!  I want this to be a tool that people use and enjoy.

Also, at this time, the only functionality that may become an In-App Purchase (IAP) would be the pre-loaded lists.  If so, IAPs will be priced very reasonably.  I think this is fair, particularly when you compare the pricing of  "FieldSurvey" to other similar apps.  Also, I like it because only those who need a particular list have to pay for it.  Nice!

Finally, to be blunt and direct, as I add functionality I may decide to increase the app's price.  I think this is fair for a lot of reasons.  As more and more is provided, the app should be worth more.  Plus, I like the idea of rewarding early adopters.

AuthorDavid Rabenau