Field Survey, a universal iOS app for iPhone and iPad, is coming soon to the iTunes App Store.

Field Survey makes it easy to count and map field observations of any kind.  Originally intended for amateur and professional wildlife biologists, it can be used for events such as the Audubon Christmas counts, bio-blitzes, and butterfly, dragonfly and plant surveys.  

But Field Survey can also be useful whenever any kind of inventory is wanted, particularly out-of-doors in endeavors such as forestry, landscaping, and event planning.

Use it anywhere you want to note and locate items in the field.

It's simple and quick.  Add and name a survey.  Add items to the survey.  Then, every time an item is pressed, it is counted, dated and mapped.  These mapped observations can be displayed by survey, by item, or by each individual observation.  Surveys can be exported via iTunes, emailed, copied, or zeroed out for re-use.

I'm interested in suggestions for future enhancements.  Right now, planned future enhancements include print capability, pre-loaded lists, export to iCloud, and localization.

AuthorDavid Rabenau