Here are the details for the pre-loaded bird lists that will become available with the next release of FieldSurvey.

There are two bird in app purchases available, Regular North American Birds and Irregular North American Birds.  The first is an optional purchase to add 850 regular North American birds to a survey. Each species entry includes the AOU standardized four-letter abbreviation, common name, and scientific name. This list is based on the AOU 53rd supplement (2012).

"Regular" is defined as those species that are regular (including rare but regular) visitors to the North American geographical area (although not all regular species that are only found in western Alaska are included).  The list’s geography is based on the American Birding Association’s established definition of the North American region.

The second bird list is an optional purchase to add 1, 330 irregular North American birds to a survey. “Irregular" here is defined as those birds that are seldom visitors to this geographical area. 

AuthorDavid Rabenau