This major upgrade adds two frequently requested enhancements: the ability to add a territory (quad) to a survey, and the ability to take and add a photograph to an individual observation.

The cost of the app remains at $2.99.

This version addresses the following:

  • Added ability to define and add a territory (either a polygon or a circle) to a survey.
  • Added ability to fine tune territory boundaries.
  • Added "in territory" and "out of territory" notifications.
  • Add ability to add a photograph to an observation (once enabled in "Settings").  Photos are put inside survey album which itself resides in FieldSurvey collection.
  • Add ability to send a quick email blast for a survey.
  • Other small enhancements.
  • Fixed bug in edit mode of items table view.
  • Removed buggy scroll-to-newly added item functionality
  • Other minor bug fixes and styling enhancements
  • A new app icon

The territory functionality is accessed via the Survey detail toolbar.  Once a territory has been added to a survey, the territory will be shown on all maps.  Also, while in a survey and once your location has been found, the app will notify you if and when you are in or out of your territory.  Currently, you can add either a polygon territory or a circle territory.

The ability to add a photograph must first be turned on in Settings.  Then that ability is accessed only on the observation detail view immediately after an observation has been made.  Settings also provides you with an option to automatically go to the observation detail page after make an observation.  Obviously, your device must have a camera in order to use this functionality.  Additionally, this functionality uses the Apple Photos service and is therefore dependent on that service being available.  Once a photo is taken it will appear in your Photo library as well as from within the app.  Clicking on the photo thumbnail on the observation detail view will swap the map for a full-size photo (and then vice versa when the thumbnail is tapped again).

The functionality of both of these new features will continue to be enhanced.

And, as always, Stray Dog Software welcomes your feedback and suggestions.

AuthorDavid Rabenau

FieldSurvey 2.0 has been released in the Apple App Store.  It was largely rewritten in order to:

  • update the app for iOS8 and 64-bit processors, 
  • make on-going maintenance easier and more quickly accomplished, 
  • prepare the app for future localization, 
  • add an item list report,
  • make the app easier to enhance in the future,
  • add a quick delete button for errant observations,
  • provide 100 meter accuracy option,
  • and, give it an updated look.

This upgrade also includes some edge case enhancements and, as always, minor bug fixes.

Image 2.png
AuthorDavid Rabenau